Medical Examination form

All international students who are going to study in Malaysia, must apply for student visa before coming to Malaysia, finally after getting student visa can travel to Malaysia, how this is related to medical examination form ?

One of the most important requirements to apply for student visa in Malaysia, is Medical Examination form which you are require to do some test in your home country by the official doctor or clinic and fill up the medical examination form, finally send the form along with other documents required to apply for student visa.

Medical Examination form has 5 Sections

  • Section 1 part A & B must be filled by student
  • Section 2, 2A, 3, 4 and 5 must be filled by examined doctor or clinic


Steps to fill up the Medical examination form required by immigration Malaysia
Steps Details
Step 1

download and print the Medical Examination form

Step 2 Fill in the section 1 part A and B
Step 3

Doing the required test in Laboratory 

go to any clinic or official doctor in your home country and ask them to fill up the section 2, 2A, 3, 4 and 5 by doing the requested test in the form.

Note 1: doctor must sign and stamp every part of the form.

Note 2: If you are a national from Sri Lanka, India or Bangladesh and residing in the respective countries, you must attend screening at the EMGS appointed clinics in the respective country. Please contact us we will guide you accordingly.


Step 4

Scan completed form and send it to us with the laboratory results.

A few tips to keep in mind before sending Medical Examination form:

  1. Please fill in the form in ENGLISH language
  2. Please fill in the form in CAPITAL letter
  3. Please fill in the form with BLUE colour pen
  4. If the stamp of doctor or clinic is not in English, No PROBLEM
  5. No need to send the Chest X-RAY just send its results which you collected from Laboratory
  6. Please bring the original form including all laboratory results when travelling to Malaysia
  7. If a simple part or filed in the form is not completed 100% will be rejected by Immigration, so please read the instructions carefully before filling in the form.